French vintage Kitchenwares

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  • French-vintage measuring-cups

    French vintage measuring cup set (25/50/75cl)

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  • French-vintange-platters

    French vintage platters set

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  • Little French Heart

    French potato & onion zinc storage set

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  • Little French Heart

    French egg basket

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  • French heart chalkboard

    French heart chalkboard

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  • Little-French-Heart-French-potato-onion-garlick-storage-image

    French potato onion garlic zinc storage set

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  • Little-French-Heart-French-vintage-kitchen-scales-image

    French vintage-styed kitchen scales

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  • Little-French-Heart-French-pig-kitchen-blackboard-image

    French pig chalkboard

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  • Little-French-Heart-French-vintage-bottle-opener

    French brasserie corkscrew

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  • Little-French-Heart-French-vintage-plate-drying-rack-image

    French dish drying rack

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