Creating a Parisian Hot Air Balloon Baby Nursery

Atelier Choux Cashmere Blanket - Hot Air Balloons

Creating a Parisian Hot Air Balloon themed nursery for your baby or children will surround them with a sense of adventure, dreaming, wonder and warm ambiance.

With the first hot air balloons launching in France in 1782, no wonder they’re reminders of a less complicated, vintage and traditional aesthetic, solidly grounded in French style.

Hot air balloon decor for your child’s nursery can turn an ordinary space into something magnificent; quite simply. The new hand drawn wallpaper by Lily and The Wall will create a dreamy exotique ambiance and stimulate children’s imaginations as they grow. The Bonsoir Paris style features the charming old buildings and rooftops of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the most gorgeous larger than life hot air balloons. Air Balloons (below) is more feminine and subtle with its soft violets and pinks; the perfect backdrop for adding little French vintage touches such as rattan bassinets or wall baskets.


Hot air balloons nursery decor Lily and the Wall
The Parisian in all of us comes alive with the Bonsoir Paris Wallpaper by Lily and the Wall.


Air balloons nursery decor Lily and the Wall (2)
The Air Balloon Wallpaper by Lily and the Wall evokes a gentle charming backdrop for a little one’s room, and an invitation to create something truly amazing using wicker and vintage pieces.

Hot air balloon swaddles and bedding by Atelier Choux Paris, and found at Little French Heart, create a world of magic in gorgeous woven fitted sheets, baby wraps and the famous reversible hot air balloon quilt. The quilt features hand drawn works of the most magnificent hot air balloons and funny little characters that stimulate wonder and imagination. All items are designed in Paris, made from high quality fabrics and non toxic dyes.

Atelier Choux Cashmere Blanket - Hot Air Balloons
The beautiful Atelier Choux Cashmere Blanket available at Little French Heart features the romantique hot air balloons of Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson.
Atelier Choux Paris Reversible Quilt Hot Air Balloon
The Hot Air Balloon reversible quilt found at Little French Heart creates a feeling of adventure, fun and elegance.
Atelier Choux Hot Air Balloons
Feature just one beautiful piece such as the Atelier Choux fitted sheets and bedding to create a baby nursery that has a unique Parisian feel.

To create a dreamy sense of tradition in a nursery add a beautiful hot air balloon mobile found at Little French Heart either as a single feature piece or a series of small satellite mobiles that float effortlessly, placed in a corner to create a dreamy nook.

Vintage Hot Air Balloon Rainbow Small


When bedtime comes there’s nothing more exciting than reading to little one an enchanting tale of far away lands and exciting adventures that include at least one hot air balloon. The beautiful story of Claris the Chicest Mouse in Paris features Claris taking a balloon ride from her hometown of Lyon with two devastatingly handsome frogs in an exquisite golden hot air balloon. Written and illustrated by fashion artist Megan Hess.

Claris the Chicest Mouse in Paris. A must read for all dreamers.


A hot air balloon nursery wouldn’t be complete without a hot air balloon onesie. Made by Parisian House Atelier Choux, the beautiful baby range of onesies and PJs found at Little French Heart are made of high quality cotton and designed for the little adventurous soul.

Atelier Choux Baby Onesie Rive Gauche Hot Air Balloon
The famous Rive Gauche hot air balloon onesie makes the perfect gift for a little one to begin their life with the notion that it is one incredible adventure to be had … or whose parents simply adore Paris.

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