Astrup Dolls Pram Retro Rattan Grey


The Astrup Dolls Pram Retro Rattan Grey is a beautiful heirloom toy for a child to create sweet memories of the delights of play.

When Little French Heart first saw this pram style at the salon in Paris we desperately hoped we could bring her here. And now, here she is.

Pretty and retro in style but versatile and sturdy, the Dolls Pram is perfect to take the dolls or teddies for a walk in the park, or simply for a sleep in the room.

Designed in Denmark by Astrup, the dolls pram is handmade using rattan and metal and has rubber wheels so it’s quiet when strolling.

Indoor use only.

The Astrup Dolls Pram Retro Rattan Grey comes with a mattress. The Paula Reina Dolls and Bonne Mere dolls blankets are perfect accompaniments.


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