Atelier Choux Paris Reusable Nursery Wall Stickers


Turn your child’s bedroom into a classic wonderland with Atelier Choux Wall Stickers

Atelier Choux Paris Reusable Nursery Wall Stickers will transform your baby’s nursery into a classic French wonderland.

The 20 reusable stickers are illustrated with the most fabulous detail that will entertain and stimulate the imaginations of all who see them. The sticker set is made up of hot air balloons in the most wondrous shapes and sizes each piloted by groups of daring animals who love airborne adventures.

Atelier Choux Paris Reusable Nursery Wall Stickers Hot Air Balloons are easily removable, leave no residue or marks.

About Atelier Choux

Atelier Choux is an exquisite French maison based in Paris that offers to parents elegant high quality baby gifts, nursery decor and essentials that embody the essence of French luxury.

Atelier Choux blends the highest attention to detail with artisanship and beautiful ethical sensibilities with most items made using organic materials in France.

Its instantly recognisable aesthetic is inspired by Hotel Particulier and Haussmann style buildings in Paris, with a hint of tongue-in-cheek humour. Elaborate architecture, charismatic animals, fanciful crests and hot air balloons are recurring themes.

With a young family of their own the Atelier Choux’s founders are passionate about parenting and have created must have items including baby wraps, bibs, wall decor and bedding for babies and children.

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