Beau Musicien Children’s Dinner Set


The Beau Musicien Dinner Set has been created for babies and young children who are budding poets, artists, dreamers and musicians

Inspiring imaginations using illustrations based on a cat playing a lute under the light of a crescent moon and a beautiful old Monsieur Moon in his circus hat, the Beau Musicien Dinner Set will add a little enchantment at mealtimes.

While it is hardy and functional, its gentle vintage colours makes it a most beautiful first dinner set for a little one.

It’s a perfect gift for any aspiring artist or music lover.

The set comes with a dinner plate, bowl, cup, children’s knife and fork.

Designed by Danish brand Konges Slojd renowned for its high quality, creative products.

Kongesslojd Belle Musician Dinner Set #LIttlefrenchheart

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