Konges Slojd Birthday Train Pierrot & Candle Set


Birthday Train Pierrot and Candle Set has been designed to create memories of children’s birthdays, so precious and special in those early years of their lives.

The Birthday Train Pierrot is a birthday ornament made up of six whimsical characters and objects – the French pierrot, the pear, the duck, the circus tent, the lion, the monkey.

The train, which can be separated, is designed to mark the special occasion each year with candles and the year, and to become a family keepsake.

Candle holders and numbers are included in the stone-made train.

It’s a creative and poetic way to create family tradition around those wonderful moments of childhood that we cherish.

Candle Set

The 20 candles gift set that is included has been made to specifically accompany the beautiful Birthday Trains sold at Little French Heart.

The candles are made of pure bees wax and come in an attractive box. They’re environmentally friendly, smell so sweet and fit perfectly into the candle holders within the Birthday Trains – Ballerina, Pierrot and Strongman.

Rather than blowing onto a cake, the Birthday Train and candles provide a hygienic yet beautiful way to celebrate the special day.

The candles add to the poetic ways that families create tradition around those wonderful moments of childhood that we cherish.

Made by Konges Slojd, renowned for its high quality creations.

Birthday Train Pierrot & Beeswax Candles Set

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