Dream Moon Mobile


A moon with a sleepy face to wish your little one sweet dreams

This Dream Moon with its little twinkling stars and sequined halo evokes a sense of calm and wonder.

With the most sleepy, beautiful poetic face, the Dream Moon ushers sweet dreams.

Approx 35(L) x 35(H)cm
Decor only. It is not a toy.

Handmade in France by Bora Miri.

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About Boramiri, Paris

Boramiri is a dreamy French Korean children’s brand based in Paris.

Bora makes by hand the sweetest decor for children’s rooms. The beautiful designs include mobiles with magical luna or fleur accents, and enchanting wall decor with faces like poetry.

Boramiri’s creations turn walls into enchanting theatres: cuddly dreamy champignons, majestic swans and peacocks, fancy lapins (rabbits) and kind-faced elephants all feature.

Lemons and cherries with the happiest faces are also part of her story … they are all pieces that will delight children’s hearts and inspire their imaginations to think bigger, more beautiful ideas and dreams about their life.

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