Llorens Crying Baby Doll Ariana 33cm


The Llorens Baby Doll Ariana is a beautiful heirloom doll, the kind you may have had when you were a child.

Ariana is like a real baby. When you take her dummy away, she cries and calls for Mama and Papa.

Ariana Doll comes with a gorgeous soft tearose pink dress with a liberty styled pattern. She wears pink knitted socks with bows and a matching knitted 100% woollen vest. Llorens includes the tiniest details and so there are sweet pink Pom Poms in her hair as well as a pacifier. Organic textiles are also used where possible.

Ariana captivates children with play and supports role-playing, stimulating the development of visual thinking, imagination, and speech. Importantly she aides children in practising empathy and nurturing skills.

The true beauty of Baby Doll Ariana is not fully depicted through the images. When little ones gaze upon her face they will feel an immediate love and connection (as much as adults do, too.)

The Llorens doll making tradition dates back to 1958. All of the dolls are artisan made in Spain with love and care and incredible life-like detail.

Recommended age: 3+

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