Llorens Doll Martina

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The Llorens Doll Martina is a beautiful heirloom doll, the kind you may have had when you were a child.

The Llorens doll making tradition dates back to 1958. All of the dolls are handmade with love and care and incredible lifelike detail in Spain.

This gorgeous doll Martina with auburn hair comes with a stunning detailed outfit including a pretty apron dress with a light pink frill, knitted handbag with fur trip and a knitted beanie with pom poms. Martina also has a sweet two-toned knitted socks with bows

Martina is amazing and may become one of your child’s favourite toys. Not only does she captivate children with play, but she also supports role-playing and stimulates the development of visual thinking, imagination, and speech, as well as learning nurturing skills.

The true beauty of Martina is not fully depicted through the images, gaze upon her face and little ones feel an immediate love and connection (as much as adults do, too.)

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