Maileg Mouse Book House


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The Maileg Mouse Book House is much more than a dolls house.

Once upon a time … is the way all good stories begin. And this story about a family of mice, who live in a little book in the corner of a child’s room, is the most fabulous  tale because you and the children in your life make it up. Each day, each hour, each minute, a new story can be told … growing the imagination of your child, and exploring the wonder of childhood, itself.

The Maileg Mouse Book House comes with five rooms. Each room is illustrated with cosy furniture along with a stove and fromagerie (cheese centre), a clock, whose hands can spin, and some little drawers to keep scarves and whisker polishers. The rest is up to you. Find some little Maileg mice, perhaps some micro bunnies, too, add a few pieces of micro furniture and you have a world that is completely individual to your family.

Stories in children’s lives help them to develop comprehension skills, build their own imagination and repertoire of words, and help them to make sense of their own world. The Maileg Mouse Book House is not only a magnificent toy, it will allow children to explore their imaginations in both words and action.

The Maileg Mouse Book House is a high-quality gift Maileg is renowned for.

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