Maileg Super Hero Mouse in a Matchbox


Super Hero Mice deserve match boxes, not phone booths

Maileg Super Hero Mouse believes he is the luckiest super hero on the planet. Unlike the original Superman, who was relegated to public phone booths to change (so yesterday), Super Hero Mouse has his very own private matchbox as his headquarters, an upgrade from his original suitcase.

But who is this masked Super Hero? (Well, at 11cm in height, we think he actually might be Little Brother, but shhh, let’s not give away the secret).

Included in the matchbox is the Super Hero’s mattress, pillow and blanket – even heroes need rest.

A perfect gift for developing children’s imaginations, a comfort toy to take on a holiday, or to keep close by in a drawer.

Made to the high-quality Maileg is well known for.


About Maileg

Maileg is a brand of charming Danish-designed toys created to inspire our children’s imaginations and learning through play. Role-playing with Maileg toys helps children make sense of their world and develops their curiosity and problem-solving skills. Maileg designs toys, doll furniture and soft toys with beautiful details, each aimed to delight children and adults for their high quality and whimsical beauty.

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