Mrs Mighetto 2 – Pack Cards Sky Crew


The Mrs Mighetto 2 – Pack Cards Water Crew are simply adorable – With the beautiful animals featured on the cards

Beautiful in its soft muted colours it creates a sense of calmness and heart-melting cuteness which makes them perfect cards for any occasion.

In the words of Mrs Mighetto…The wind sweeps slowly by. It’s calmer now. The brave bunch of ocean kids have fallen asleep, the waves have rocked them into a deep slumber. A bunch of kids brought together by fate, which only exists thanks to their gifts. The little group survived when breeze became storm and when dew became monsoon.  A time when strength was needed and magic was indispensable.

Some can breathe freely, in air as in water. Others can conjure up food. Some know the art of healing, understanding, changing and transforming. One can travel at the speed of light, while another can make time stand still. All talents that together make up our army of ocean kids, our new heroes that live aboard the ship S/Y Ocean.

The 2-pack double printed cards measure 10×15 cm and is printed on 300 g matte paper to maintain the nice feel of the original in watercolor.

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