Mrs Mighetto Miss Viola 30cm x 40cm


Creating beautiful spaces for children through dreamy wall art.

Mrs Mighetto Miss Viola Poster is beautiful wall art for a child’s room.

Gentle in its soft muted palette, Miss Viola is a dreamy illustration that evokes patience, strength, sense of self and quiet confidence.

In the words of Mrs Mighetto … “…Viola has recently moved to Agaskar and is struggling to find herself in her new body. After her merger and transfer, she had hoped to find someone to talk to who had previously merged with an animal without legs, but has not yet succeeded. She lacks her strong legs and to run so fast that the wind hits her face. Now she is training to master and learn more about her new gifts; to be able to swim super-fast and be able to fly, but only exactly one decimetre above the ground.

This poster is available in size 30 x 40cm. It is printed on 170g matte premium paper to maintain the nice feel of the original painting.

Limited edition, when it’s sold out, it is sold out forever.

About Mrs Mighetto

Mrs Mighetto is a beautiful creative brand of two women artists based in Stockholm, Sweden. The duo, Anna and Malin, illustrate dreamy characters and scenes suitable for the nursery and children’s rooms. The colour palettes are gentle and soft, the characters and their environments enchanting and wonderous. Mrs Mighetto focuses on building resilience and self love in children through the visual messages in the paintings by creating the sweetest imaginative places for children to dwell in. They have also extended their world to create birthday decor and stationery, wallpapers, and a sweet organic bamboo clothing range.

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