Mrs Mighetto Paper Friends Oh Kids


The Mrs Mighetto Paper Friends Oh Kids is one of the original wall decorations created by this beautiful Swedish artist.

The series includes three cards containing illustrations of the sweet characters from the Ocean Friends collection.

Make your own wall decoration and attach them to the wall with tabs or adhesive pads. Make your own garland, decorate packages, make your own mobile, or several thousand other ideas we haven’t even thought of. They’re perfect for birthday parties and for giving a sweet warmth to a room.

Beautiful in its soft muted colours the little, kind-faced characters create a sense of calmness and heart-melting cuteness.

In the words of Mrs Mighetto……The wind sweeps slowly by. It’s calmer now. The brave bunch of ocean kids have fallen asleep, the waves have rocked them into a deep slumber. A bunch of kids brought together by fate, which only exists thanks to their gifts. The little group survived when breeze became storm and when dew became monsoon. A time when strength was needed and magic was indispensable.

The 2-pack double-printed cards measure 10×15 cm and is printed on 300 g matte paper to maintain the nice feel of the original in watercolour. Available in both Swedish and English.

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