Mrs Mighetto Who Am I Board Book


Mrs Mighetto’s Who Am I Board Book is the most beautiful story for young children to learn about the amazing world of animals.

It’s whimsical, sweet and has a gorgeous story with the cutest animal characters to inspire children’s imaginations.

The illustrations are so poetic that they will create for children a natural curiosity, encouraging them to return to the story again and again to see the characters and their whimsical world; and to practice basic literacy skills at the same time.

In the words of Mrs Mighetto:

Caress my cheek, stroke my ear,
listen closely so you can hear,
I can’t use words to say yes or no,
but if I like you I’ll purr to tell you so.

Being a board book, its the kind of book hat will last the distance.

The book is FSC printed in Germany with responsible resource.

Created by Mrs Mighetto, a Swedish team of highly creative artists.

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