Olli Ella Holdie Farm Barn Set


Bonjour, welcome to the most idyllic country scene this side of Provence with the Olli Ella Holdie Farm Set.

The set contains everything your petites need to create a barnyard haven – the barn, three animals (cow, pic and horse) and of course a couple of farmers – Farmer Forest and Farmer Poppy.

The Holdie Barn is made of timber. It’s designed for easy carrying and folds out to display a home for the farmers and stalls for the animals.

The three animals, which are included in the set, can stand on their own and are made with love from a soft wool blend with embroidered features. Each Holdie animal will look a little bit different, and that makes each one quite special. 

Farmer Poppy and Farmer Forest, each with their farm hats, are included to tend to the animals, ride the horse, feed the cow and clean the barn. It’s a wonderfully simple life they lead but with the imagination of a child, they can discover all sorts of adventures.

Olli Ella Holdie Barn

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