Olli Ella See-Ya Suitcase Prairie Floral


The Olli Ella See-Ya – Prairie Floral is the coolest little jetsetter accessory this side of the French Riviera.

With baggage wheels and retractable handle the See-Ya Suitcase –  Prairie Floral is a nifty, vintage styled little explorers accompaniment suitable to take through the airport, on the train, to a cruise or through the garden on imaginative adventures.

The Olli Ella See-Ya Kids Travel Suitcase Prairie Floral is versatile, and can transform into the perfect storage case to keep treasures and toys, and nothing looks sweeter than one of these voyager’s trunks in a bedroom or playroom.

Importantly, the See-Ya Suitcase has an built-in elastic band so that the favourite travel companion such as Big Ted … or Pinky … or Monkey, can also tag along as part of the fun, and not weigh Mum or Dad down 🙂

The only thing missing with this gorgeous suitcase is the itinerary; but that’s where the fun really begins. All aboard for Paris anyone?

Beautiful learning features:

  • developing independence, well just a little, we don’t want them going too far
  • learning to pack, volume, folding, understanding sizes and spaces
  • expanding young minds and identity through both imaginary travel play and the real deal where their adventures become part of who they are
  • Sweet addition to the bank of family memories.

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