Gluten Free French Toast for Children

Gluten Free French Toast by Lee Homes Supercharged Foods

Gluten Free French Toast by Lee Homes Supercharged Foods

Expanding the palates of little ones, especially fussy eaters or those with allergies, doesn’t have to be a nightmare journey. Delicious French Toast with all that comforting goodness is a wonderful introduction for children to a different cuisine even if some say its origins date back to Rome rather than France.

This healthy kid-friendly recipe comes from Supercharged Food for Kids by Lee Holmes.

2 slices gluten free bread
1 egg
1/4 cup almond or rice milk
1/2 TBS ground flaxseeds
8 drops stevia or other sweetener
1 tsp butter for frying

What to do

In a bowl, whisk egg, milk, flax and vanilla and stevia. Place sliced bread in egg mixture until thoroughly coated. Melt butter in pan and add bread slices and cook for three minutes or until golden brown on each side. Serve with full fat plain yoghurt and fresh berries. Voila!

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