Inspiring Children to Love Art

Inspiring children to love art

There are so many reasons why inspiring your child to love art will benefit them – they’ll experiment with design, self expression, and develop skills for school & life ♥ There are so many ways your child can focus on art activities as they grow: drawing on paper collecting leaves and twigs and sticking them on […]

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Five Easy Ways to French Up Your Bastille Weekend

With Bastille Day coming up it’s a great time to enjoy the best of what the French culture offers. Here are five easy ways to French up your Bastille weekend without having to do much at all except pour the champagne. Croissant Dipping Wake up and it’s Saturday. Stroll to your local bakery and purchase […]

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Easy French Crepes

French crepes Little French Heart

It’s a tradition in our household to make French crepes most Sundays and any day during the school holidays.  They’re delicious, light, easy to make and best of all they’re a crowdpleaser – they will make babies smile and grown men weep. The secret to making good crepes is balance – of the flour, eggs […]

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7 Reasons to Love Olli Ella Rattan Toys & Decor

Olli Ella Little French Heart

Discover why it’s so easy to Love Olli Ella Rattan Toys & Decor ~ to create beautiful spaces for your home and wonderful play time for your children. 1. Olli Ella Mosey and Buckets – beautiful moments through bags and baskets Olli Ella doesn’t create products, it creates occasions – and part of that is […]

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How to Make a Perfectly French Bouquet Garni

little French Heart Bouquet Garni

Perhaps the most simple of all French cooking and kitchen ideas, a Bouquet Garni adds a deliciously delicate flavour to dishes including Boeuf Bourguignon, Bouillabaisse, Cassoulet or Coq au Vin. A bouquet garni is the term for a bundle of culinary herbs used since the 1600s. It is generally created using springs of flat parsley, […]

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Traditional Rattan Toys for Children’s Learning and a French Styled Room

A Tiny Harlow Rattan Dolls Bassinet

Traditional Rattan Toys help children to develop essential skills and can add a beautiful French style to a child’s room. Every time a child plays with their toys, they are learning new skills – whether it be to learn how to nurture through feeding her doll in a Tiny Harlow Rattan High Chair or how […]

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Creating a Parisian Hot Air Balloon Baby Nursery

Atelier Choux Cashmere Blanket - Hot Air Balloons

Creating a Parisian Hot Air Balloon themed nursery for your baby or children will surround them with a sense of adventure, dreaming, wonder and warm ambiance. With the first hot air balloons launching in France in 1782, no wonder they’re reminders of a less complicated, vintage and traditional aesthetic, solidly grounded in French style. Hot […]

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