Quick and Charming Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips

Make yourself a wrapping station that’s part of tour home decor. I love to keep my trimmings, paper and ribbons on display on my cabinet shelf. That way you can wrap little bits here and there rather than all on one day. Using greenery stems can add a lovely natural element. I love to add ornaments and dried oranges to top off gifts as well. Oh and another tip I forgot to mention above, use left over wrapping pieces to make paper chains to decorate with!

Find these quick and charming Christmas gift wrapping tips by home decorator Calley Rodman of Raising Rodmans. Make yourself a wrapping station that blends in with your home decor. I love to keep my trimmings, paper and ribbons on display on my cabinet shelf. That way I can wrap little bits here and there rather […]

Creating Whimsical Bedrooms for Kids


Bonjour Cherie, creating whimsical bedrooms for kids is easy to do with a little imagination, lots of textures, a little old and a little new and a few feature pieces, as shown by stylist Melissa Lorene. Creating a whimsical bedroom for your child can be so much fun. It all comes down to thinking about […]

Simple Ways to Create a Beautiful Birthday Party for Children

Mrs Mighetto Party

Birthdays are always special times of the year. With so much disruption and change, and sometimes disconnection, making a child’s birthday special is even more important. Find these simple ways to create a beautiful birthday party celebration for your child that can be done as a birthday with other guests present or as a remote […]

Secret Museums of Paris by Manon Boudoir

Musée Jacquemart-André Manon Boudoir #littlefrenchheart

Take a stroll through the secret museums of Paris, those you may not know so well, with Julie of Manon Boudoir, a beautiful artist based in Moscow in love with the city of lights. Follow the links to the museums to get a greater insight into these exquisite sites, the architecture, the pieces, the history. […]

Rug life: Fun Kids Activities to Play on the Rug

The World Tufted Rug Little French Heart

Bonjour Cherie, find these kids activities that are perfectly suited to rug life … to keep the kids entertained, to play indoors or on the picnic rug in the garden. Jigsaw Puzzles Playing with jigsaw puzzles is the perfect activity for the rug. Sitting or kneeling over the puzzle, being able to spread the pieces […]

Maileg Size Guide

Maileg Size Guide Little French Heart 2

Bonjour Cherie, find this easy size guide to help you find your way through the wonderful world of Maileg Mice, Bunnies and Maileg Dolls House accessories. Mice The Maileg mice family has three generations and different themes, do you already know the hiking mouse, ballerina studio or beach collection? Sizes Measures Furniture Baby ≈ 6,4 […]

Follow Your Heart: The Story of Little French Heart

Eavan and I Spirited Mama, Paris 2010

To follow your heart means being guided by the passion that resonates with your very essence. It can define you and take you on a life journey that you could never imagine. It’s not an easy decision or an easy road, or even a happily every after because as we know, life is so much […]

Creating Beautiful Birthday Rituals with Heirloom Birthday Trains

Bellalulu Styling Little French Heart

Bonjour Chérie, we just love birthdays at Little French Heart – Creating Beautiful Birthday Rituals, celebrating with family and friends, bringing absolute delight to children. Birthday cakes are one of the most treasured ways to celebrate. Using Birthday Trains can make them even more memorable because they can be used as heirloom pieces each year […]

Make Classic French Madeleines with Le Tres Bon


In the 1920s, French writer Marcel Proust wrote about madeleines in his autobiographical novel, À la Recherche du Temps Perdu (Remembrance of Things Past). In brief, Proust reflected on how the simple act of eating a madeleine dipped in tea brought back fond memories of his childhood. Thanks to the talented French chef Christophe Gregoire of the […]

How to Make Autumn Leaf Crowns

Heart of Blooms Autumn Leaf Flower Crown

Beautiful Eco-Craft Mother Andrea of Heart of Blooms shares this simple way to make Autumn Leaf Crowns 🍁 Autumn is a time to marvel at nature’s rustic gown; to feel brisk air against cheeks, to introduce the marvel of nature to children, to enjoy the golden hours before Winter sets in. These simple crowns are […]

Give Your Nursery & Kids Clothing A Makeover With Mrs Mighetto

Mrs Mighetto - Jasmina Bylund Anna Kubel

There’s something hearty and wholesome about giving a nursery or  kids clothing a beautiful makeover with relatively little effort and cost. Whether your moving the kids to different rooms, and need a quick refresh, or perhaps you are renting and still want your child’s room to have a warm personal feel, wall stickers and posters […]

Flowers from the Heart of France


For you ~ most beautiful images of flowers from Paris and France. Can we ever have enough of them? These images are from favourite accounts of florists and photographers of instagram. Enjoy and follow to appreciate x LÁrrosoir of Paris. Despite the restrictions of lockdown, this florist continues to bloom.   Photographer Georgianna Lane does […]

Tea Party Invitation Craft Idea

Tea Party Invitation Craft Idea 7

Holidays are the perfect time for children to engage in simple crafts that boost their imagination, give them time to think and be, explore their creativity and learn more about the world around them. Find this simple, timeless Tea Party Invitation Craft Idea. Tea Parties with Recycled Paper Invites What you need for one invite […]

An Easter Moment

Soodi Betts Little French Heart

Over the past weeks customers and friends have been sharing their beautiful Easter creativity with Little French Heart. Australian Mum, architect and creative photographer, Soodi Betts, shares her Easter Moments. Happy Easter, Joyeuses Paques! In the days leading to Easter, Soodi Betts gathers her children, Genevieve, age 4 and Thomas age 2 to begin the […]