Wooden Toy Sailing Boats ~ Traditional Toy Boat Makers

Wooden Toy Boats Little French Heart

It’s not often you meet the makers of the toys we buy for our children. It’s even rarer to meet a crack team which are the keepers of a dying tradition of crafting slow toys. Meet Bateaux Tirot ~ the last of the artisan family, which creates eco-wood French sailing boats or pond boats crafted […]

Two Little Words: Strong Heart

Strong Heart - Little French Heart

With so much happening in the world of late I’ve been thinking about two words: Strong Heart. Though small and stout in their appearance, together Strong Heart encompasses so much. If you say them slowly and definitely, you will feel them skip across your breath to comfort your heart like a wise and familiar friend. […]

Gabriel Gaté’s Gluten-free Apple and Yoghurt Gateau

Gabriel Gaté’s Gluten-free Apple and Yoghurt Gateau- little french heart

Gabriel Gaté is a French Australian Chef who is baking his way through lockdown to create magnificent recipes like this Gluten-free Apple and Yoghurt Gateau that will warm your heart.  Gabriel Gaté’s Gluten-free Apple and Yoghurt Gateau With thanks to Gabriel Gaté. Find more on this wonderful chef.   Serves 8 – 10  Ingredients  75g […]

Sauteed Chicken with a Little French Heart

Chicken with a Little French Heart introduction

 Sauteed Chicken with a Little French Heart is absolutely delicious. And it’s incredibly versatile. It can be made for a special occasion dinner party or romantique dinner for two, as comfort food on a cold Winter’s night or easily adapted for the whole family to eat including little ones, too. Sauteed Chicken with a Little […]

A Guide to Beautiful Bedding for Children with Bonne Mere

Bonne Mere Rose Quilt with Girl and Dog Little French Heart

Now stocked at Little French Heart, Bonne Mere is synonymous with quality heirloom children’s bedding. I’m so excited to introduce this brand to our store. The combined aesthetics and values make it a perfect fit. Here, Nicole Mair shares the origins of her brand and her tips on choosing bedding for your little ones. Australian […]

A Lovely Maileg Bedtime Story to Delight Young Children

Maileg Tale Maileg Rabbit in the Suitcase

Welcome to A Lovely Maileg Bedtime Story to Delight Young Children. This is a tale written for children who love to hear about the secret lives of bunnies, rabbits, mice and little dinosaurs. ♥♥♥ Once upon a time there was a little bunny called Bobbin. Bobbin loved to play hide and seek with her friends – […]

Safety and Hygiene at Little French Heart

Safety and Hygiene at Little French Heart

Bonjour Mama Keeping you safe with high standards of hygiene has always been at the forefront of Little French Heart’s operations. The safety and care of our customers is paramount. As a small business, we are able to control how goods are handled and packaged before they are shipped to you. Safety and Hygiene at […]

Handmade Dolls of Provence, France

Handmade Dolls of Provence

In the small village of St Remy, Provence resides an artisan who creates the most exquisite French dolls. Thais has been making her dolls and bebe mobiles entirely by hand for the past three years. In that time she has created the most beautiful characters – unicorns, bunnettes, mistouflettes, mice and deers. She began her […]

Gifts for Christmas Birthdays

Maileg Garlands

Bonjour Mama! Are you like me and have children whose birthdays fall close to Christmas? It can be a little tricky keeping the two occasions unique and cost effective. Find these beautiful gift ideas for Christmas Birthdays so that your Birthday Girl or Birthday Boy feels extra special. Birthday Trains To make a Christmas Birthday […]

St Remy Markets, Provence

St Remy Markets Provence

Every Wednesday the St Remy Market, Provence, explodes, taking over the streets, the plaza, and more to offer hearty produce and wonderful bric-a-brac to bring home. It’s charming, colourful and memory making because it reaches into heart of human nature bringing alive the senses; afterall, we all love to eat, communicate, exchange and be happy. […]

Inspiring Children to Love Art

Inspiring children to love art

There are so many reasons why inspiring your child to love art will benefit them – they’ll experiment with design, self expression, and develop skills for school & life ♥ There are so many ways your child can focus on art activities as they grow: drawing on paper collecting leaves and twigs and sticking them on […]

Travelling Provence ~ Staying at Domaine de Fos

Domain de Fos

There is so much beauty when travelling Provence that it can be quite intoxicating, and a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding where to stay and what to do. However, if you want an authentic Provencal experience, staying at a Maison d’hote such as Domaine de Fos will provide you with an insider’s guide […]

How to Make a Perfectly French Bouquet Garni

little French Heart Bouquet Garni

Perhaps the most simple of all French cooking and kitchen ideas, a Bouquet Garni adds a deliciously delicate flavour to dishes including Boeuf Bourguignon, Bouillabaisse, Cassoulet or Coq au Vin. A bouquet garni is the term for a bundle of culinary herbs used since the 1600s. It is generally created using springs of flat parsley, […]

Traditional Rattan Toys for Children’s Learning and a French Styled Room

A Tiny Harlow Rattan Dolls Bassinet

Traditional Rattan Toys help children to develop essential skills and can add a beautiful French style to a child’s room. Every time a child plays with their toys, they are learning new skills – whether it be to learn how to nurture through feeding her doll in a Tiny Harlow Rattan High Chair or how […]

Creating a Parisian Hot Air Balloon Baby Nursery

Atelier Choux Cashmere Blanket - Hot Air Balloons

Creating a Parisian Hot Air Balloon themed nursery for your baby or children will surround them with a sense of adventure, dreaming, wonder and warm ambiance. With the first hot air balloons launching in France in 1782, no wonder they’re reminders of a less complicated, vintage and traditional aesthetic, solidly grounded in French style. Hot […]