Win Paris Dreaming

Paris Dreaming

We all love to day dream don’t we? Come and indulge in a little Paris Dreaming … win this latest beautiful memoir set in Paris. Katrina Lawrence first fell in love with Paris at the age of five, and since then her roads have continually led her back to the City of Light.     […]

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La Mirande Hotel, Avignon, France: Elegant Sufficiency

La Mirande room with maid

From the moment I laid eyes on La Mirande in Avignon, Provence, I was absolutely besotted – from its origins drawing back to the 1300s to its beautiful location near the Palais des Popes, the hotel is dedicated to preserving period interiors that give a fascinating insight into decor and life of another era. La […]

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Bonjour Diary comes to Australian rural countryside


The urban vintage girls design house Bonjour Diary has come from the exhibition halls of Paris all the way to Australia’s rural countryside courtesy of photographer and country Mum Renee Mulcahy. In this series of gorgeous images, Renee’s littlest shows the graceful versatility of the Bonjour Diary vintage moss green long dress.     I […]

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Stories of childhood made up in French nursery mobiles

Reading to my daughter when she was younger gave me a great passion to understand how important the stories of childhood are and how the stories we read, the imagination that we make from our own stories help develop children’s imaginations and their sense of themselves. It has made me think over the years too […]

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Helping your children to love reading: the greatest gift to their world

Helping your children to love reading is one of the best gifts you can ever give to them. When children read books they stimulate their imaginations, safely gain a broader understanding of their place in the world and learn to express themselves to get what they need in life. As an education writer, I’m mad […]

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