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How to Make a Perfectly French Bouquet Garni

little French Heart Bouquet Garni

Perhaps the most simple of all French cooking and kitchen ideas, a Bouquet Garni adds a deliciously delicate flavour to dishes including Boeuf Bourguignon, Bouillabaisse, Cassoulet or Coq au Vin. A bouquet garni is the term for a bundle of culinary herbs used since the 1600s. It is generally created using springs of flat parsley, […]

Le Tres Bon French Restaurant Truffle Snow Eggs Recipe

Truffle snow eggs, created by Master Chef Christophe Gregoire of restaurant Le Tres Bon, are the perfect dessert for a dinner party or when you just want to indulge in a little something to spoil yourself or your family. Ingredients (serves 6) Meringue 6 egg whites 1 pinch of salt 150grams sugar Custard 500 mls […]