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The Most Beautiful Toy Stores in Paris

Most beautiful toy stores in Paris si-tu-veux-parisian-toy-store

The most beautiful toy stores in the world are found in Paris They will beckon you to a place of childhood wonder and old world charm. You will find the traditional toy stores of Paris in locations as enchanting as the stores themselves: in secret passages and in trendy Parisian enclaves, which makes discovering them […]

Make Montessori Peaceful Potions

Montessori Mind - Peaceful Potions

Make these beautiful Montessori Peaceful Potions for a fun activity with your child. It’s a lovely way to learn about science through watching how chemical reactions work. This activity was designed by our gorgeous Montessori Consultant Kay of The Montessori Mind. Ingredients: Dried Lavender Dried Rosebuds Little fondant stars or hearts Fizz: equal parts baking […]

Stylish French Baby Names By Gabrielle Paris

Gabrielle Paris - Top French Girls and Boys Names

Finding the most beautiful and unique name for your baby may be made easier with this list of the top Stylish Girls and Boys Names French parents are naming their children. The French Baby Name list has kindly been put together by the team at Gabrielle, Paris which specialises in beautiful baby bedding. The names […]

Romantic Art in the Heart of Paris ~ Watercolours by Manonboudoir

Watercolours by Manon Boudoir - Paris 2022

If you happen to be in Paris now you may wish to amble over to the classic Le Marais district to see a romantic art exhibition Watercolours by ManonBoudoir being held at the beautiful Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais.     About the artist Julie is a published artist and creator of @Manonboudoir, an online boutique […]

Create your DIY Maileg Dream Dollhouse

Maileg DIY Dream House - Happy Little Girl - Jess Farthing Little French Heart

Beautiful mother and creative stylist Jess Farthing recently found an old dollhouse on an online marketplace. What was going to be a quick clean up to give her daughter a toy has become a DIY task reminiscent of The Block. Jess gives her tips on how to transform a preloved dollhouse into a dream home […]

Easy French Crème Brûlée

Creme Brulee Jennifer Pogmore

The classic French dessert Crème Brûlée is a gift to us all. Simply, it is baked custard-based topped with a layer of caramelised sugar. But the taste and texture, it’s like heaven on a spoon. Pastry chef to Chateau Gudanes, Jennifer Pogmore, kindly shows us how to make Creme Brulee. How to Make Simple Crème […]

Make Montessori Playdough ~ Good for the Soul

Montessori Playdough - The Montessori Mind sunflower - Little French Heart

Teacher Kay Duffy of the Montessori Atelier based in Paris has a simple recipe for turmeric-infused playdough that you can make and store. Using the eco cutters that we offer at the Heart makes it a beautiful activity that is as good for holiday and weekend activities as much as it is good for the […]

Latest News on Little French Heart ~ Gabrielle, Paris

Gabrielle Paris scarf-bloom-sauge tied around neck - Little French Heart

Bonjour Cherie, find the latest news at Little French Heart. Read our up-to-date blog on what’s happening behind the scenes at Little French Heart from new stock arriving to ideas on new products, your favourite gifts, packaging ideas to tips on Parisian and French living. It’s a way to get to know me and our […]

Little French Heart Latest News – Art, Knits & Garbo & Friends

Wall Balloon by Roxanall_

Bonjour Cherie, find the latest news at Little French Heart. Read our up-to-date blog on what’s happening behind the scenes at Little French Heart from new stock arriving to ideas on new products, your favourite and packaging to French brocante outlets. It’s a way to get to know me and our boutique level and to […]

Creating Beautiful Birthday Rituals with Heirloom Birthday Trains

Bellalulu Styling Little French Heart

Bonjour Chérie, we just love birthdays at Little French Heart – Creating Beautiful Birthday Rituals, celebrating with family and friends, bringing absolute delight to children. Birthday cakes are one of the most treasured ways to celebrate. Using Birthday Trains can make them even more memorable because they can be used as heirloom pieces each year […]

7 Reasons to Love Olli Ella Toys & Rattan Decor


Discover 7 reasons why it’s so easy to Love Olli Ella Toys & Rattan Decor … to create beautiful spaces for your home and wonderful play time for your children. 1. Olli Ella Mosey & Bolgas – beautiful moments through bags and baskets Olli Ella doesn’t create products, it creates occasions – and part of […]

Flower Power ~ The Most Beautiful Flower Artists of Instagram

Jamie Beck of

Do you love flowers? Do they bring you simple joy? I think they’re one of nature’s greatest gifts. Enjoy this curated selection of the most beautiful flower artists of Instagram ~ sourced for your enjoyment. If you select the image you will be taken to the author’s page to enjoy into the future. Window sill […]

Craft Activity: Naturally Dyed Eggs with Kathryn Davey

naturally dyed & patterned easter eggs Kathryn Davey - Little French Heart

Bonjour Cheries, international natural dye expert Kathryn Davey has given us this lovely recipe for dyeing and decorating eggs with beautiful botanic prints. Kathryn creates her own gorgeous products and works with fashion houses such as Apolina Kids. Creating naturally dyed eggs is a fun and satisfying activity to do either as a DIY project […]

Baby’s First Easter with Sweet Nursery Decor to Last All Year

Bunny Baby Exploring Jess Farthing for Little French Heart

Easter decor with its beautiful woodland and nature themes, and soft caramel and chocolate hues, and gender neutral tones, can be kept to decorate your baby’s nursery all year round. Find this sweet curated guide to beautiful Easter decor and toys for your baby to create a warm, calm and safe ambiance. Easter for a […]

Simple Ways to Prevent and Remove Mould in Your Home

Maileg Washing scene Olivermouse.1024 - Little French Heart 3

Bonjour Cherie, explore these handy tips to help you prevent pesky mould from making an unwanted appearance in your home. The simple tips are mostly natural and low cost and they work. Mould loves to grow in damp dark places with high humidity and little air. The golden rules to keep your home free from […]

Little By Little, A Montessori ​Guide to Preschool Preparation

Montessori Guide to Preschool #Littlefrenchheart Tess of Twigden Farm Blog Little French Heart

Montessori expert based in Paris, France, Kay Duffy, has created for us this short guide Petit à Petit: Little by Little – A Montessori Guide to Preschool Preparation. It’s a beautifully written, simple to understand piece that offers a pathway for parents to help their children thrive as they take the first steps towards preschool. […]

French Rose Petal Jam by Jennifer Pogmore

Rose Petal Jam by Jennifer Pogmore

Simple, sweet with a little seduction. This is French Rose Petal Jam by pastry chef to Chateau Gudanes, the beautiful Jennifer Pogmore. The delicately scented jam is the perfect treat for a romantic Valentine’s Day with your lover, friend, child or simply for yourself. The recipe was inspired by Emiko Davies and has been adapted […]

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