Maileg Size Guide

Maileg Size Guide Little French Heart 2

Bonjour Cherie, find this easy size guide to help you find your way through the wonderful world of Maileg Mice, Bunnies and Maileg Dolls House accessories.

Maileg Mice Sizes Little French Heart

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The Maileg mice family has three generations and different themes, do you already know the hiking mouse, ballerina studio or beach collection?

Sizes Measures Furniture
Baby ≈ 6,4 cm My/Micro
Little brother & sister ≈ 8,9 cm Micro / Mouse
Big brother & sister ≈ 12,7 cm Micro / Mouse
Mother & Father ≈ 15,2 cm Micro / Mouse
Grandmother & -father ≈ 15,2 cm Micro / Mouse
Medium ≈ 31 cm Mini
Maxi ≈ 50 cm

Maileg Bunnies and Rabbits Sizes Little French Heart 2

Bunny & Rabbit

With the bunnies and rabbits, it is a bit trickier, since we updated the sizes and now have ‘old’ and ‘new’ sizes. The My and Micro stayed, which are the smallest in both. To make sizing easier, the new Sizes are in the numbers of one to five.

Sizes Bunnies Rabbits Furniture
My ≈ 11 cm My / Miniature
Micro ≈ 13 cm ≈ 16 cm Miniature
Size 1 ≈ 22 cm ≈ 26 cm Mini
Size 2 ≈ 26 cm ≈ 32 cm Mini
Size 3 ≈ 42 cm ≈ 49 cm Medium/large
Size 4 ≈ 52 cm ≈ 63 cm
Size 5 ≈ 66 cm ≈ 78 cm

Maileg Dolls house

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Maileg Dolls House and Furniture Sizing

The Doll house is 79cm high. It is there to give all your beloved Maileg friends a home. There are many different options to fill your Maileg house with life.

Here you can find the sizes that fit well in the dolls house.

All mice

Bunny & Rabbit, My, Micro, Size 1 and 2

All Teddies and chatons

Furniture My & Micro

Please note, mini furniture is a larger size suited to size 3 rabbits. Mini furniture can be stand alone and can also act as beautiful vintage styled decor.

The range of Maileg toys is designed as heirloom pieces to be kept or handed down. Each toy is high quality, made with creative thought and often replicating original vintage styled furniture, decor and food using metal wood and resin. The high quality of these products means that sustainable principles are followed. You will never find Maileg in landfill.

Don’t forget in the world of imagination, nothing needs to have the exact size – there is no wrong and right, but only what you make out of it.

If you are still unsure about some, just ask us by contacting me at [email protected].

Maileg Beach Mouse Little Brother in Cabin