Tea Party Invitation Craft Idea

Tea Party Invitation Craft Idea 7

Holidays are the perfect time for children to engage in simple crafts that boost their imagination, give them time to think and be, explore their creativity and learn more about the world around them. Find this simple, timeless Tea Party Invitation Craft Idea.

Tea Party Invitation Craft Idea 2

Tea Parties with Recycled Paper Invites

What you need for one invite

1 x recycled paper sheet in A4 Size

1 x recycled paper in A4 for the envelope

Decorations – dried flowers, Mrs Mighetto temporary butterfly & flower or ocean tattoos (that act like stickers),

 glitter, leaves or feathers, ribbons or wool

Glue stick

Silver pen or any pencil

Tea Party Invitation Craft Idea 6


Decorate the top of the pieces of paper and around the sides, leaving room for some words. Use the glue to stick on dried flowers, add some tattoos by cutting them out, peeling off the plastic sleeve, wetting them and placing them in the corner of the paper – wipe the tattoo with a tissue for 15 seconds and carefully peel off the paper. Allow that section to dry. Add some leaves or feathers, ribbons and glitter to create a pretty scene.

Tea Party Invitation Craft Idea 4

Leave the invitation to dry if glue or tattoos are used. Once dry after about 30 minutes write some words to create the invite.

If your child is an emerging writer, ask them what they would like to say to invite their teddy, friend, guest etc to the tea party. Show them what you are writing, allow them to trace the words with their finger if they want to, allow them to explore the idea of writing, and the idea of practising fine motor skills. If they are moving into the writing stage help them to craft some words if they need it.

Fold the invitation in half and then into quarters (explaining the idea of fractions eg halves and quarters to support their maths concepts).

To make the envelope, bring the base of the paper edge to about 10cm below the top to leave room for the flap and fold the paper. Fold the sides to create triangles to be able to fold the top over as a seal.

Tea Party Invitation Craft Idea 5

Add some decorations to the invitation along with the little guest’s name.

Place the invitation inside and fold over the flap.

Tea Party Invitation Craft Idea 6

Tie a ribbon around to seal the envelope. The invite can simply be pulled out from one of the sides.

tea party invite little french heart

Voila! There you have a very lovely invitation for a perfect tea party.

Tea Party Invitation Craft Idea 7

You can find dried flowers, Mrs Mighetto Tattoos and of course gorgeous tea sets at Little French Heart.