Paris Birthday Party Mask Kits


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Give your children the most enchanting birthday party with these Paris Birthday Party Masks

The illustrations and kits are made with love from Little French Rag in Paris, a small artisan boutique that specialises in adorable handmade gifts for the young and young at heart.

The illustrations have a traditional vintage feel with beautifully illustrated animals including cats, bears, deers, foxes, mice and rabbits.

The masks are printed on high quality recycled cardboard.

The birthday kits are offered as a craft kit which creates special time with your children to make the masks, add flowers or feathers and to have some fun.

Lots of ribbons from Paris are also included in the kit.

Girl: rabbit cat mouse squirrel doe bear


Boy: 1 x Fox rabbit mouse squirrel bear cat


Mixed: 3 x girls, 3 x boys

it is important to note that the kit must be created under the supervision of an adult. Please read the instructions carefully before starting.

The kit comes in simple but beautiful packaging designed by Little French Rag.


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