Petite Pommes Classic Float Violet ~ Small | Medium | Grand


Petites Pommes Classic Floats Violet is the perfect beach and pool toy for little kids and for those who just love summer.

Petites Pommes Classic Floats Violet is the colour of lavender fields basking in the sun. It’s the colour of clam shells and urchins and the inners of pipi shells too. It’s the colour of the shell laden sands of get-away beaches, of curious corals dwelling on the reefs.

It adds a beautiful accent to an ivory or white look and has a contemporary feel matched with faded pastels or orange. Oh, it also goes beautifully together with dark greens.

Inspired by understated classics, the collection of Petites Pommes summer essential floats is a nod to the past with a contemporary feel. Each float is made to last ~ durable and delivered in a reusable dust bag made of organic cotton for convenient storage of the float when not in use.

Petites-Pommes Floats meet Australian Mandatory Standards.

Need to know
  • All Petites Pommes Classic Floats are produced in a resistant PVC free of BPA and Phthalates making them a safe and watertight inflatable swim ring.
  • The OLIVIA (small) and ANNA (medium) floats have a thickness of 0.25mm, while the CELINE Large Float is made of a 0.3mm thickness making it further resistant to heavier weight and use.
  • Thoughtfully, a repair patch is included with all floats in case of a small puncture.
  • Importantly, the Petites Pommes Classic Floats are designed for summer fun.

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