La Mirande Hotel, Avignon, France: Elegant Sufficiency

La Mirande room with maid

From the moment I laid eyes on La Mirande in Avignon, Provence, I was absolutely besotted – from its origins drawing back to the 1300s to its beautiful location near the Palais des Popes, the hotel is dedicated to preserving period interiors that give a fascinating insight into decor and life of another era.

La Mirande is famous for its intricate decor; it’s a visual dance that beckons your heart and eyes to engage in a romantic slow waltz.  The features draw on the themes of the 18th century and prior, of baroque and classic periods that evoke a sense of contentment and deep antiquity that are tinged with excitement that remain always en vogue. In rooms such as no: 24 (pictured below right) authentic dado wood panelling along with cotton print wall hangings are matched with silk lined curtains, vintage parquet floors, engravings and furnishings. A large antique window peer onto the neighbouring Palais des Papes (Popes’ Palace)

Hotel La Mirande entry to room La Mirande room

When the formal dining rooms are closed, such as during winter vacation, the Chef’s table, in the old family kitchen, becomes a small meeting place for guests to meet, eat and engage in a little bon vivant.

La Mirande Chefs Table

A wood burning stove along with copper pans and earthenware become the setting for simple menus offered by the chefs, such as reputed Severine Sagnet (pictured below right) that draw on the paddock to plate philosophy.

La Mirande servery La Mirande chef

Full of French charm, each space is dedicated to an authentic ambience that provides a refuge, just for a moment, from the madding crowd, and the constant ‘on’ button we seem to live by. OK, no doubt it offers WiFi but I think when I visit in January, I’m going to turn it off, at least until I post some more images 🙂

La Mirande dining

Have you been to La Mirande? What kind of dance does it inspire in your heart?

All images are published on La Mirande’s Instagram taken by Joerg Lehmann of Culinary World.