Bonjour Diary comes to Australian rural countryside

The urban vintage girls design house Bonjour Diary has come from the exhibition halls of Paris all the way to Australia’s rural countryside courtesy of photographer and country Mum Renee Mulcahy. In this series of gorgeous images, Renee’s littlest shows the graceful versatility of the Bonjour Diary vintage moss green long dress.



I always find it so fascinating, or perhaps joyful is a better description, when I see products that I’ve sourced so far away in France and Belgium find their way to rural Australia.


In the past I’ve had Harlequin Fair Boxes sent to the wheat belts of Western Australia, and beautiful exquisite French mobiles end up in the far reaches of remote Queensland. It makes me smile as I imagine the designers having, well, not so much of an understanding of just how far their beautiful creations have travelled; and how much they are appreciated by those of us who live south of the Equator.

Today it is the beautiful brand Bonjour Diary that has come all the way from the studios of Belgium, shown at Paris Playtime, and arrived on a farm owned by Renee Mulcahy and her husband in northern NSW. Renee, a photographer, has captured the beautiful moss green embroidered vintage long dress. Designed for play and parties, the dress effortless flows, creating a earthy, faery-like effect for the little owner.



Run free among the grasses and paddocks. Soak in as much of your childhood that you possibly can. And all the while wearing clothing that is timeless and classic, a form that will go on for generations to come.



See the full Bonjour Diary range; and enjoy!