Mer Mag’s Simple DIY Sailing Boat

Mer Mag DIY Sailing boat play

The beautiful craft blog Mer Mag has posted the creme de la creme of holiday activities with these Simple DIY Sailing Boats. Mer Mag has kindly offered for Little French Heart to share with you this post since handmade sailing boats are one of our favourite toys.

Mer Mag DIY Sailing boat play


These simple DIY sailing boats are made from pieces of scrap wood  (we love wood). The trick is to find a wood that will float and different canvas colours for the sails to give a pretty effect.

To make one with your little one you will need:

♥ Piece of wood that floats well. (Be careful that it doesn’t contain nails or rough splinters.)

♥ Decent size twig for the mast

♥ Glue (low temp hot glue or wood glue)

♥ Collect a decent size twig to act as a mast

♥ Canvas cut into a triangle for the sail

♥ String

Plain sailing … Image Mer Mag.


Drill a hole in the raft part of the wood, the size of the twig you’re going to use for the sail

Insert the twig

Glue on triangle canvas sail to twig

Connect a string from the top of the sail to the bottom of the raft

Cut out and glue small triangles onto string

Take your new boat out for a spin on the water! (Like our toy sailing boats, Mer Mag recommends tying a string onto one side of the boat if you want to get the boat back!)

Float your boat. Image Mer Mag.


This blogpost is the copyright of MerMag. Grand Merci! Merrilee for your simple but clever holiday idea.