Make Montessori Peaceful Potions

Montessori Mind - Peaceful Potions

Make these beautiful Montessori Peaceful Potions for a fun activity with your child. It’s a lovely way to learn about science through watching how chemical reactions work. This activity was designed by our gorgeous Montessori Consultant Kay of The Montessori Mind.

Montessori Mind - Peaceful Potions add lavender


Dried Lavender

Dried Rosebuds

Little fondant stars or hearts

Fizz: equal parts baking powder & citric acid

Cup of coconut oil (or water for more fizz)

Montessori Mind - Peaceful Potions just add stars

Place the baking powder and citric acid in two separate cups and pour together into a glass.

Add your flower potion

Add the coconut oil or water and watch it fizz – if using water it may fizz over the glass so conduct the experiment where it’s ok to make a bit of mess.

Add stars or hearts

Enjoy the pretty peaceful potions.

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Montessori Mind - Peaceful Potions

Talk to your child about the change in the potion when the liquid was added and how nature is constantly reacting to different chemicals eg, when the sun shines on leaves they turn green (a slower process).

Please note: Do not drink the potion!

To clean up, pour oil into a recycled plastic bag and seal and place in bin or remove the flowers and tip the water potion down the sink.

Montessori Mind - Peaceful Potions Flower Power

A big merci to Kay of The Montessori Mind. Kay is a qualified Montessori consultant based out of Paris.

All imagery copyright The Montessori Mind.