Grow Your Own Sunflowers ~ Free Seeds


Create Happiness with Your Own Free Sunflower Seeds

Grow your own sunflowers in your garden or in a pot.

Artist Van Gogh was so motivated by sunflowers he created one of the most celebrated paintings in the world. The sunflower paintings had a special significance for Van Gogh: they communicated ‘gratitude’. When your sunflowers bloom you will also feel a great love for life; they are simply joyful.

Our sunflowers are grown by us without fertilisers. They have been nurtured through water, and rich soil. We harvest the seeds from the sunflowers. We began growing the sunflowers as part of our shop garden beautification program.

Receive 20 sunflower seeds ready for planting.

It’s a wonderful activity to do with your darlings or as time out for yourself.

Simply sew about 1cm deep in your garden or in a pot. Water, then water every few days to keep them moist

Watch them grow.

Once they have flowered, leave them on the stem or pop in a vase. Enjoy their happiness, share them with a friend.

You can dry the seeds yourself to continue growing your little rays of sunshine.

Available within Australia only due to international regulations.

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