Olli Ella Felt Veggie Craft Kit


Bonjour! The Olli Ella Felt Veggie Craft Kit is a crafty make-your-own-veggie activity and a toy in one. 

Inside the kit is everything you need to make your own hand stitched Carrot, Tomato and a very enticing Broccoli. Tools include soft felt, cotton thread, a sewing needle and step-by-step instructions.

The no fuss set up means you can bask in the calm that comes from making something with your little ones.

Sew and stitch together and create delicious make-believe fruit breaks for your child’s Dinkum Dolls. Add the Olli Ella Felt Fruit Kit and a Piki or Apple Basket and you can play French markets or scatter them around and together go harvesting for the fresh healthy produce.

French words

Carrot ~ Carrotte (pronounced kahrot)

Tomato ~ Tomate (prounced tomaht)

Broccoli ~ brocoli (pprounced brhocoli)

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