Raduga Grez Heart Arch Stacker


A beautiful toy to talk to your darling about matters of the Heart

The Raduga Grez Wooden Heart Arch Stacker has been designed to reflect the diversity within our world. Through its natural skin tone colours it symbolises acceptance, love, peace and equality. They’re big concepts for a little one to grasp however they are the kind of ideas that can be introduced, talked about in very simple ways. Most importantly the heart shape, which can be moved about to create many different shapes, always comes back to the notion of love.

With its natural wooden make up and earthy tones, the Heart Stacker looks beautiful on a shelf when not being played with. It is the kind of wooden toy set that allows children to develop motor skills, practise counting and telling stories. It really does help children to understand the world around them.

The arcs are made from linden, so they are lightweight, stable, and strong. The arcs are coated with a safe, lacquer-free paint so you can feel the texture of natural wood with your fingers.

And yes, they do smell like fresh wood.

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