Traditional Easter Egg ~ Free Range


Traditional handmade cardboard Easter Eggs in free range to decorate with your most clever designs

These fillable Easter Eggs will bring delight and a sense of tradition to your Easter.

Open the egg and hide a treat inside – chocolate, a felt rabbit, a little felt chick, a sweet note, whatever your heart desires to represent your Easter tradition.

Place them around the house, or dry yard to enjoy a wonderful Easter Egg hunt.

Give them to your darlings, family and friends as little keepsakes to remember this Easter

Decorate with paint or sparkles, coloured feathers and dried flowers.

Each egg is handmade using techniques created by a small family company more than a century years ago.

The eggs are joined by two interlocking halves.

Size 12cm

sold individually

Please note, they are decorations only.

Contents in images sold separately.

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