Australian Easter Story ~ Chocolate for the Soul

Easter Friends Little French Heart

Easter is a time to nest, to break baguettes with loved ones and friends; to nurture ourselves in simple wholesome ways. To hold back a little and to feast, to ponder what is rich in our lives and to have gratitude.

In preparing for Easter, I received the sweetest message from a close friend who told me she still has the notes my daughter left for the Easter bunny when we visited their farm a few years back. Each year or so, we spend Easter together as families and it made me reminisce on how special this time is with them.

Easter Bunny note

On this special Easter when our children were still young we had one of those experiences that lingers forever. We had Easter hunts and drank vintage wine dedicated to a dear friend who is no longer with us.

The kids ran in the paddocks and we sat by the fire, and cooked good food and were content.

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The boys battled a wombat who had taken up residence under the room we stayed in. We laughed so hard at my friend’s husband camping out all night to try and stop him from returning to his burrow.

Easter hunt finds

We created, and walked, talked of our lives, and drank a little champagne. And we had lots of cups of tea.

Easter Tea Party

I wish this for all of you this coming Easter season.

For peace and friendship (and no wombats); it’s chocolate for the soul.

Easter Friends Little French Heart

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