Traditional Rattan Toys for Children’s Learning and a French Styled Room

A Tiny Harlow Rattan Dolls Bassinet

Traditional Rattan Toys help children to develop essential skills and can add a beautiful French style to a child’s room.

Every time a child plays with their toys, they are learning new skills – whether it be to learn how to nurture through feeding her doll in a Tiny Harlow Rattan High Chair or how to use a Rattan Dolls Wardrobe to put away belongings or physics and science through the pulling along of a wagon of goodies.

Tiny Harlow Rattan Dolls Bassinet Instyle
Photo credit: @TinyHarlow

The beauty of traditional rattan toys like the Tiny Harlow range found at Little French Heart is they allow children to touch, move and work with them – so their brain development is stimulated and their gross motor skills are strengthened. Unlike screen toys, children are required to understand their physical size, how to care for them and how they work in real life. And they encourage children to move and take part in physical activity.

Rattan Bassinet Tegan_Jean
Photo credit: Tegan_Jean

When children have traditional role playing toys, their room or playroom naturally becomes a classroom where they learn to make sense of their world. They pretend to be grown up, responsible, and caring. They create imaginative games helping them learn to communicate and make stories.

Rattan Wagon Saramay17
Photo credit: @SaraMay17

Traditional rattan toys can also create a beautiful French themed room. Simply add some whimsical wall art, French handmade dolls, distressed furniture or rattan storage, a beautiful earth-toned rug and you have a space that could be in Paris.

Photo credit: @Rhianna_and_co


Coupled with beautiful French handmade toys .. you could be in Provence.
Photo credit: Little French Heart – Unicorn Party in Rattan