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How to Pronounce Children’s Brand Konges Slojd


Bonjour Cherie, Danish brand Konges Slojd is known among so many of us because of its kooky, thoughtful and poetic products for our children. But how do you say it? It’s quite easy, really. Phonetically it can be heard as Konges Shloyd! You can hear it here. How did the brand take on such a […]

Create your DIY Maileg Dream Dollhouse

Maileg DIY Dream House - Happy Little Girl - Jess Farthing Little French Heart

Beautiful mother and creative stylist Jess Farthing recently found an old dollhouse on an online marketplace. What was going to be a quick clean up to give her daughter a toy has become a DIY task reminiscent of The Block. Jess gives her tips on how to transform a preloved dollhouse into a dream home […]

Traditional Rattan Toys for Children’s Learning and a French Styled Room

A Tiny Harlow Rattan Dolls Bassinet

Traditional Rattan Toys help children to develop essential skills and can add a beautiful French style to a child’s room. Every time a child plays with their toys, they are learning new skills – whether it be to learn how to nurture through feeding her doll in a Tiny Harlow Rattan High Chair or how […]