Caring for your L’Oiseau Bateau French mobile

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Caring for your L’Oiseau Bateau French mobile is easy.

The French decorative mobiles that you have discovered at Little French Heart are designed by the artisans of childhood, L’Oiseau Bateau, a small family business based in Valence, France.

The L’Oiseau Bateau French mobile is metal artisan crafted and so have variations that reflect their hand-wrought origins, as well as their poetic, whimsical style.

As artworks, no piece is alike. Each is an individual performance featuring enchantment and childlike fun.

To hang your French mobile seek a reputable hardware consultant to advise on the best way for it to suspend based on your home’s unique circumstances.

The mobiles are designed to hang indoors rather than being exposed to elements.

Use a soft cloth or duster to clean your French mobile, being mindful of the intricate pieces that decorate it. A cloth without woven loom is perhaps better as it is less likely to become caught in a lady beetle’s antennae or a butterfly’s wings, Robin Hood’s autumnal scenes … or a moonboy’s star for that matter.

The mobiles are decoration only, not toys.