7 Reasons to Love Olli Ella Rattan Toys & Decor

Olli Ella Little French Heart

Discover why it’s so easy to Love Olli Ella Rattan Toys & Decor ~ to create beautiful spaces for your home and wonderful play time for your children.

1. Olli Ella Mosey and Buckets – beautiful moments through bags and baskets

Olli Ella doesn’t create products, it creates occasions – and part of that is bags and baskets that evoke a lifestyle that is uncomplicated, family focused and a little boho. Shop with your Olli Ella Mosey Basket or Bucket Bag, pop on a pretty floral dress and you will feel like you have stepped into a simpler, natural lifestyle; one so many of us crave.

2. Olli Ella Luggies ~ so versatile

Olli Ella products like these luggies below are versatile as much as they are pretty. They can act as cute decor for the home (where a vase or bottle can be placed inside with flowers), a storage basket for a child’s room (think teddies or lego), and can be the sweet shopping trolley to help mama when out doing chores (role playing, amusement, fun).

Olli Ella Little French Heart


3. Olli Ella See Yas ~ making travel for children fun

Olli Ella See Ya suitcases have been designed for little ones to take on holidays whether that be a week in Paris or a weekend at Nan’s. They are durable, easily cleaned and have an elastic strap at the back so that precious cargo – a favourite toy – can be securely carried. Helping children learn to pack their suitcase is also a new task for them to learn, giving them a sense of independence in their adventurous lives.

Olli Ella Little French Heart
Image: www.instagram.com/lovely_little_adventures


4. Olli Ella Apple Baskets – occasions for picnics and sharing

Olli Ella Apple Baskets are perfect for sharing – carry a picnic, some apples, peaches or cupcakes with your bestie and sit down under the shade of a lovely tree and laugh together about life. The Apple Baskets come in two sizes, large for say 10 apples (a party) and small for around 5 apples – they are also great for collecting eggs, storing teddies, or for keeping herbs in the pantry.

Olli Ella Apple Baskets

5. Olli Ella Bucket Bags – for a fresh French vintage style in the home

Olli Ella baskets add a warm, vintage French style to a home. Place in the kitchen or living area and just add flowers. They’re also perfect for keeping nursery accessories for baby. The sweet large and small versions also add another dimension to a space or act as as twinning accessories during outings with your little one.

Olli Ella Bucket Bags

6. Olli Ella Holdie House ~ simple function play toys

The beauty of the Olli Ella Holdie House is that it is a blank canvas on which a child can create the imaginary home for their toys. Opening to four rooms, with furniture that can be purchased to turn a house into a home, the dolls house will provide entertainment for a single child or a few friends together. With its wooden facade the Holdie House looks good as decor and can easily be carried about as a toy to be played in the house, in the yard or at a friend’s or Nan’s place.

Olli Ella Holdie House

7. Olli Ella Wares ~ the dress to suit all occasions

The Olli Ella Wares series of little girls dresses has been thoughtfully designed by mothers for their daughters. The dresses are durable, have perfect twirlability, can be doubled as a shirt as they grow and come in four natural colours. They are the dress to be worn at kindy, thrown on to do the shopping and thrown in the wash to quickly be worn the next day without ironing. We love that!

Olli Ella Wares

Olli Ella for all occasions – so many reasons to love

Olli Ella is designed by two gorgeous sisters, Chloe and Olivia, to help make family life easier yet retain a wholesome aesthetic. There are so many reasons to love Olli Ella, I’d love to know yours.

You can find their range at Little French Heart.

Olli Ella two boys walking with a luggy

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