Best tips on Travelling to Paris and France in Winter

See these best tips for travelling to Paris and France in Winter that will make your time not only comfortable but beautifully memorable, too.

Best tips on travelling to Paris and France in Winter
Image: Alexandra Dersidan

Pack and wear layers of clothing

Ensure you come prepared with singlets or slips, along sleeve shirt, jumper, jacket, tights or pants / jeans, scarf, gloves, and hat or beanie if you wish. Layering helps keep in the warmth and also allows you to cool off indoors. If you don’t have the right gear simply visit Monoprix – France’s version of Target.

Seek out hotel and accommodation deals

Search your hotels online for three night for price of two deals or ask the hotel manager for an upgrade or discount. Aside from the week between Christmas and New Year it will be quiet season, including in the snow fields so it’s a great time to either splash out and upgrade to a better class of hotel or save on accommodation rates.

Best Tips Travelling to Paris and France in Winter Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais
Beautiful Hotel Caron de Beau Marchais, Paris. Mention Little French Heart and receive breakfast complimentary.

Wear warm woollen socks

Queues will be shorter for major attractions in Paris but there is often still a long wait outside. Standing on very cold stone for an hour or more can dampen the most enthusiastic tourist so wear warm socks or even two layers of socks to stop your feet from going numb.

Meet Princess Winter Mistouflette

Princess Winter Mistouflette is a gorgeous doll handmade in St Remy Provence. Princess Winter is part of the Little French Heart selection of handmade artisan gifts for children or those who are young at heart. If you’re seeking a beautiful souvenir of France or Provence after travelling in France in winter, this gorgeous winter doll may be the perfect idea.

Winter Unicorn Little French Heart
Meet Winter Unicorn – at Little French Heart x

Book your favourite French or Parisian restaurant in advance

It may be the quieter season but popular restaurants in Paris or any region will still book up especially on weekends – whether it’s a step back in time to Brasserie Bofinger or a something gorgeously rustique such as Caves Madeleine in Beaune, Burgundy (where you pick your favourite wine from an amazingly rich wine wall) you don’t want to miss out if you’ve got your heart set on it under a limited time schedule.

Best tips on travelling to Paris and France in Winter
Bofinger, Paris … Not to be missed.


Ask about sales

Each year the official date for the grand sales is set by the government however if you are wanting to indulge in retail therapy ask the proprietors about any unofficial discounts. Generally there will be.

Rent a gorgeous chateau with friends

As mentioned, accommodation is easier to find in Winter and attracts low season rates so you can go a little luxe. This gorgeous 17th Century beauty Chateau de Tourreau located in Provence near Avignon and Orange is currently for rent over the winter period. Can you imagine waking up to this?

Best tips on travelling to Paris and France in Winter
Fairy Tale Castle … Chateau de Tourreau Provence

Research French hotels and attractions for closing hours

Some attractions and hotels in Paris and France close around Christmas and can remain closed up to February so do your research first before visiting any specific town or tourist attraction.

Buy online if you are seeking gorgeous Parisian and French gifts when you return home

Sometimes, carrying souvenirs and gifts home from Paris and France can be cumbersome. If you are seeking beautiful gifts from Paris or France generally visit Little French Heart, our store specialises in gorgeous handmade gifts from France that will help to continue the memories of your holiday long after you’ve said au revoir at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Best tips on travelling to Paris and France in Winter

Travel to small villages by daylight

If you’re travelling into the regions by car and don’t know the area, plan to arrive at your destination in daylight; before 4pm is ideal. It can be very stressful navigating small roads in the country or even in a city when it’s dark, especially if you’re from a country that drives on the left side of the road such as Australia. Arriving at a destination just before dusk also has the advantage of meeting for cocktail hour but also of soaking up the first impressions of your destination, which in the gentle twilight can be simply breathtaking; after all you’re in France.

Best tips on travelling to Paris and France in Winter
Cocktail hour Provence style

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