Creative Easter Masks from Paris

Easter Masks Little French Heart

From a small studio in Paris come the most beautiful masks that make a sweet addition to the Easter celebrations, or some simple fun any time of year when they transform to become Masks of the Meadow.

Little French Rag Easter Kits

Each mask is illustrated by Sandrine of Little French Rag, an artist and dollmaker from Paris.

Little French Rag Easter Kits Packaging (2)

The masks come with ribbons and eyelets, ready to cut out to make with the children. It’s an activity designed to be treasured as family time together.

Little French Rag Easter Kits

Smaller masks create a pretty table decoration – for an Easter fare or a Birthday breakfast.

Little French Rag Easter Kits (2)

The masks are a beautiful addition to any time of year and celebrate the simplicity of games and of the artisan creator.

Little French Rag Easter Kits Little French Heart

I love these kinds of activities that stimulate children’s imaginations to help them become storytellers, inventors and adventurers.

You can find the masks at Little French Heart under our craft and birthday decor sections.

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