Gifts for Christmas Birthdays

Maileg Garlands

Bonjour Mama! Are you like me and have children whose birthdays fall close to Christmas? It can be a little tricky keeping the two occasions unique and cost effective. Find these beautiful gift ideas for Christmas Birthdays so that your Birthday Girl or Birthday Boy feels extra special.

Birthday Train Ballerina

Birthday Trains

To make a Christmas Birthday truly memorable create a ritual each year that helps the whole family remember their birthday. Classic Birthday Trains are a wonderful way to mark a birthday each year. The Birthday Trains have been designed to create memories of children’s birthdays, so precious and special in those early years of their lives. They’re the most beautiful ceramic figurines drawing on enchanting themes: the Ballerina, Strongman and Pierrot, the create fascination and enchantment. They come with metal numbers and candle holders, and can be used instead of a cake, or alongside it. Over time they become a lovely keepsake that if cared for can be passed down for the next little one in the family.

Birthday Train Ballerina
Birthday Train Ballerina … so beautiful.
Birthday Train Strongman
Strongman Birthday Train … drawing on archetypal themes – the strongman, the soccer ball.
Birthday Train Pierrot - Little French Heart
Birthday Train Pierrot … the circus, the enchantment.


Stringing pretty Maileg garlands along a wall create a fun and happy atmosphere. Made of high quality cotton or knits  they can be left on the wall as decor or taken down after the big day, folded and stored for the next birthday.

Maileg Garlands
Maileg Garlands create the perfect party atmosphere and can be kept as decor or folded away for next year.

Birthday Wall Balloons

Beautiful ceramic wall balloons are decor that can remain in the home all year long. Tied with a red ribbon or some Christmas decorations dangling from the balloon and they add a Christmas spirit. Keep the original tie or add a white or matching ribbon and they become a permanent party balloon that looks absolutely stunning in a bedroom.

Byon Balloon Room Decor colours
Ceramic Wall balloons can start with a birthday and become beautiful permanent decor for a room.

Byon Balloon Room Decor White 2

Mrs Mighetto Birthday Tags

Beautiful birthday tags by Mrs Mighetto make a simply wrapped gift look very special. Presented in gentle earthy colours, each tag has a unique illustration drawing on the enchanting designs in flower, palm frond or animal that Mrs Mighetto is famous for.

Mrs Mighetto Gift Tag 10 pack
Mrs Mighetto Gift Tags make birthday gifts charming with their woodland designs.

For children, making sure they know their birthday is a separate celebration is what counts (and that they get the same number of presents as if it were the middle of the year 🙂 … ultimately though, it’s the love we give our children, and the time we spend focusing on their lives that they’ll remember.

What kind of things do you do to keep Birthdays that are close to Christmas extra special?