December 15, 2019

Handmade Dolls of Provence, France

Handmade Dolls of Provence

In the small village of St Remy, Provence resides an artisan who creates the most exquisite French dolls.

Love in St Remy

The beautiful town of St Remy, Provence.

Thais has been making her dolls and bebe mobiles entirely by hand for the past three years. In that time she has created the most beautiful characters – unicorns, bunnettes, mistouflettes, mice and deers.

Blossom Bunnettes

Handmade Spring Bunnettes of Provence

She began her atelier after one of her daughters had asked if she could make her a doll. And voila! Talena et Louison was born.

Winter Rose Deer

Winter Rose Deer with golden horns, fur stole and silver ballet shoes.

Thais (pronounced Tyeis) uses beautiful fabrics and materials – lace, faux fur, wool, tulle, linen, cotton, little flowers, threads of gold. Linen is one of her favourite fabrics.

Ateliler Talena et Louison

The Atelier of Talena et Louison, Provence.

Once a florist, Thais taught herself to sew and continues to experiment each year coming up with the most beautiful dolls. She draws her influences from Provence – the gentle, feminine countryside, the traditional vintage style.

Thais of Talena et Louison

The creatrice, Thais, of Talena et Louison.

Talena et Louison Baby Bunny Mobile Handmade Provence - French bebe Nurser Mobile

Bunnette French Bebe Mobile by Talena et Louison.

For Thais, inventing a new doll is one of the most satisfying parts of her job. Her forest pixies or Mistouflettes, which have just arrived in Australia are her most recent creations and they are simply stunning.

Mistouflette Forest Pixie Bunnette

Mistouflette Forest Pixie Bunnette

Mistouflette Squirrel

Mistouflette Forest Pixie Squirrel

Mistouflette Deer

Mistouflette Forest Pixie Deer

Rainbow, oak leaf and chestnut purses, little ears and fur for hair. The prettiest faces and the most lovely clothing which is detachable, and pretty French lace culottes.

French lace Culottes

Little French Heart is privileged to offer Talena et Louison Dolls and French bebe mobiles. You can find the beautiful dolls of Provence on my site under collectible dolls.

Atelier Talena et Louison

Claudette Bunnette

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